Common Repair Charges:

Battery replacement

A, M, FS and F series receiver
FT, S, CS, RS and AXN series receiver
H1, H2, H7, H10 Wearlink and Wind transmitter
S series sensors and footpods


Transmitter replacement

 T-31 (with trade-in) (does not include elastic strap)
$30.95 T-31C (with trade-in) (does not include elastic strap)
$36.95 H1 (replacement connector, includes strap)
H2 (replacement connector, includes strap)
H10 (replacement connector, includes strap)


Elastic strap

 T-31 & t-31C (replacement strap)
$18.95 H1, H2, H7, and Wearlink or WIND (replacement strap)


Shipping and handling Shipping rates are for packages weighing up to 2 pounds. Additional charges will be applied for packages over 1 pound. Standard shipping methods vary according to service center.


Standard shipping:            $7.50 USPS Mail*

Alternate shipping:           Ground or Air UPS - CALL

                                                USPS Express mail - CALL

                                                e-mail for Alternate shipping costs.


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If you have any questions please contact our Service Department, Monday Thursday from 9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. EST.

 800-287-5901 /


We recommend that you purchase new Polar products from an authorized Polar dealer.

Polar products that are purchased from an unauthorized reseller WILL NOT be covered under the Polar 2 year warranty. Additionally, you may potentially run the risk of buying a refurbished or reconditioned unit from an unauthorized reseller.

When you buy from an authorized Polar dealer, you can be sure that you are receiving a first quality product and the backing of the 2 year warranty we extend to authorized purchasers.












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